Benefits for Installing Synthetic Turf In Your Backyard

Benefits for Installing Synthetic Turf In Your Backyard

Green Grass All Year

Yes, that lush green patch in the neighbor’s lawn could be synthetic grass from Synthetic Turf Dallas. The use and preference of synthetic grass for lawns in homes has gone up in the past few years. It is also being used more often in commercial establishments like golf courses, schools, public playgrounds, sports clubs and others.

Synthetic grass for lawns has all the look and feel of beautiful, well-manicured green natural grass without all the maintenance, repair, and watering. The synthetic artificial turfs are made of synthetic fibers, which may include nylon, rubber, and polypropylene. The synthetic grass blades are adhered to a prepared surface and then filled with rubber and sand to provide a soft, comforting base.

It is interesting to see how many benefits are there in using synthetic grass instead of the conventional grass in lawns.

Benefits of installing synthetic turf in your backyard include:

Synthetic turf has a long lasting life. It lasts for more than ten years.
Easy to maintain: Synthetic turfs, unlike non-artificial grass, needs very minimal maintenance. You save hours every week that you would need to otherwise spend in mowing, watering and maintaining natural grass optimally. Being lightweight, it is a good option for rooftop gardens where having natural grass can be tricky. Easy maintenance is a big plus especially for the elderly.

Versatile: You can lay synthetic grass in a wide variety of areas and surfaces. Right from the small patch of lawn in front of your home to your terrace garden, it works as a wonderful option. It is especially useful around dog kennels, as it cannot be dug up easily. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain and does not leave ugly bald patches in your green garden. It is handy to use in homes that have children and where the grass has to bear the brunt of children’s mischief.

Green option: Indeed, it is environment-friendly in these days of water scarcity to opt for artificial grass. You will not need water frequently and also no fertilizers are used in the maintenance of fake grass. It is also a great option for large, lush lawns that are used to host events. The lawn will not require much maintenance.

golf turf

Ideal for golf courses and sports clubs: Where the wear and tear are more as well as the strain on grass is exceptionally high, it makes more sense to install artificial grass. It will stay green forever. It is great for the undulating surface of golf courses. It is easily cleaned and does not attract dust, insects, and fungus. You can use fake grass easily for bowling greens for the same easy maintenance angle.

Ideal for landscaping around pools: A sparkling pool with a lush green lawn is an ideal setting for a poolside dinner. But grass is difficult to maintain the pool. Mud and dirt can easily dirty the pool and is also a magnet for insects. Artificial grass works beautifully and does not dirty the pool either.

With these wonderful benefits, it is no wonder that artificial grass is increasingly becoming popular these days.

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