Asphalt Repairs

Asphalt Repairs

This One Most Likely Will Require A Professional

When you are in need of asphalt repair, it is essential that you find an expert asphalt contractor who you can trust will do the job right the first time.  This most likely is not a job you will want to tackle as a DIY.  Not only is it important for someone to do the job correctly, you also need someone who is highly knowledgeable in the different types of gravel, seal coating for proper paving maintenance, asphalt milling and asphalt repair that fits your specific needs.


It may seem overwhelming with a lot of options out there, whether you are in need of a new driveway tarring or asphalt repair of an old or damaged roadway.  At Tar and Chip Texas, they take pride in knowing that they are your number one asphalt contractor in Fort Worth.  They are Fort Worth’s leading asphalt repair, tar, and chip paving company, and proudly serve the entire state of Texas.  At Tar and Chip Texas, there is no job too small or too big for their clients, whether it is residential or commercial.  You can rest assured with us that you will get the best services, prices and the highest quality chip sealed driveway you could ask for.

Tar and Chip Contractors Texas


asphalt-repair-serviceIf you are looking for a more affordable, economical and durable alternative to concrete or hot mix asphalt blacktop, installing a tar and chip driveway, parking lot or roadway is for you.  Chip and seal are extremely durable and is a paving method that has been used for hundreds of years in all types of environments and climates.  Tar and chip paving is simply a method that is made up of the combination of different types of gravel with asphalt.  What is unique about the tar and chip method is that the paving materials are mixed right there on the job site, unlike hot asphalt mix which must be premixed and an asphalt facility.  You know what you’re getting with us with your driveway tarring project!


Not only are chip seal driveways durable, affordable and long lasting, they are also pleasing to the eye.  This is due to the fact that you have the option of choosing the types of gravel you want for your asphalt repair or new paving project.  Many people love this aspect of tar and chip driveways because they can pick any color, which will add value and style to their property.  Who says beauty can’t be functional? It’s possible with a crushed rock driveway! There are many different types of gravel to choose from for you tar and chipping needs.  A very popular one is a pea gravel driveway because it is lower in cost and it is easy to match with the landscape, making it a winner all around.


Types Paving


Just as there are many options for your tar and chip driveway, the tar and chip paving method has many different names.  These names include:

  • Texas Tar and Chip
  • Tar and Chip Seal
  • Tar and Chip Seal
  • Chip Seal Paving
  • Shoot and Chip
  • Chip and Seal
  • Spray Seal
  • Chip n Seal
  • Chipseal


A tar and chip driveway is just as versatile as it’s named! But no matter what you call it, we know you will be highly satisfied with the low maintenance, highly attractive, and extremely durable paving method that we offer for a great price, and is much less expensive than other hot mix asphalt methods.  You can’t go wrong with a tar and chip driveway for you next driveway tarring project.  Not only can we install your next driveway, but we also offer proper maintenance services, like Sealcoating, to keep your roadway in long-lasting, great shape, which will save you money in the long run.

Here is an awesome video about porus asphalt.  Very interesting to say the least:

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