Painting Your Home A Fun DIY Project

Painting Your Home A Fun DIY Project

Color Is Everything

DIY projects and what they can mean for the homeowner or automobile owner in terms of money-saving work will mainly rely on the ability of the person contemplating doing such activities to at least realize that a small bit of research before carrying out do it will be in order. There’s really no limit to the kind of work that can be considered, but knowing what has to be done correctly will be vital.

Choosing Colors

color-palletColors in your home can make or break it, use the wrong color scheme and you could end up in a home that feels dull and eerie, or on the opposite you could end up with a nice house all open and welcome both to you and your family as well as possible house buyers coming into your home.

First of all you will have to assess what is the purpose of painting, will you be trying to sell your home or are you staying living in your home, then you have to see what type of house you have, different colors have different effects on houses, would you put a vibrant yellow in a old house with oak wood beams, well you would if you want to ruin it, if you are in an old style house you most likely want it to be warm and inviting with shades of red but also incorporating white into it as well so not to make the room too dark.

Types of Paint

There are many different types of paints as well as colors, you can even get your own color made up for you at good DIY stores, so you can get exactly what you are looking for. All types of paints fall into two categories water or oil based paints. Oil paints are good to be used on doors, metal, windows etc, whereas emulsion paints are perfect for walls and ceilings and are a water based paint.

When using paints both styles come into either matt, semi-glass or gloss, matt being very good for walls whereas gloss would be awful for walls and would be very hard to get off or cover over especially if the color you are using is black.

Decisions, Decisions

Once you have chosen your paint you can then choose whether you want to paint straight onto the plaster or if you are going to add a texture to the wall with white wallpaper. There are many different designs available if you want to have a texture on your walls so you will have a big choice to find the right one for you.


Tools For The Job

The next obvious step is to choose the paint tools, there is so many to choose from, but you are most likely going to use either a dragging or color brushes for your project, to speed up your DIY project you could also use painting rollers with a variety of sleeve sizes to suit your needs.

When you are painting put masking tape around the skirting boards and the edge of the ceiling to help avoid getting different color paints where they shouldn’t be.

When you think about all the reasons that people do DIY projects, you can see why they are so popular. They are well known and have sites designed to teach you how to do things. Everyone does things differently too so you can pick and choose. How great is that? So try a DIY project and see the good it can do for you.

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