Bollard Installation

Bollard Installation

Do You Need To Install Bollards?

Whether you are running a business, building a home of your dream or just thinking about the traffic control in your surroundings, bollards are always a good idea! We reached out to Jerry with Parking Lot Striping Fort Worth on how to best install bollards, and the types of bollards to install.


First of all, bollards establish important visual signs for drivers, giving them the information about where they can drive and park, and where they can not, which helps us create a better environment for safer and more responsible driving.  Other than that, decorative bollards improve the visuals and aesthetics of our building and landscapes and make it look safer and more appealing.

Red Bollards

Bollards stand at a perfect height for drivers to notice them, so that they can still get the clear sightlines where necessary.  Bollards can also be used as visual indicators for sensitive areas, such as utility boxes, walkways or exposed building areas.  There are a lot of different companies that specialize in designing a lot of different types of bollards (they come in different designs, colors, etc.) and, of course, they also offer the service of installation.  But still, if you decide to get the bollards and install them by yourself, here are some tips and tricks that may come in handy while doing so:


When it comes to installing the bollards, you have to make a decision first.  There are two main ways of installing bollards.  Those are

  • Installing bollards using the concrete and
  • Installing bollards without concrete.

There is no need to say that using concrete is much more reliable and safer, but if you are installing your bollards where there is not really that much traffic, you can, of course, skip the extra steps of purchasing and getting your concrete ready and jump straight to installing them without the concrete.


Here is how you do it:

First, of course, you have to purchase a bollard that can be installed without concrete, choose the style you like and buy it.  Once you’ve got the bollards you need, you can start with installing them.  Start with placing the base plate on the concrete mounting surface and marking holes on the concrete where the holes of the base plate are located.  Now you can remove the baseplate and use an impact driver to drive the concrete anchors where marked.  When done so, you can slide the plastic shell over the spring-steel cores and don’t forget to lock the shell into place with locking pins.

But still, if you prefer to use the concrete, here is what you’re gonna have to do: purchase all the bollards and the concrete of your desired type, get your concrete ready, place the bollards where needed and only after placing them, you can pour the concrete.  Adjust the bollards if necessary while the concrete is still wet and smoothen the surface of your concrete.  Allow the concrete to cure by itself until it is hard enough to support the weight.


Like that, you’ve got your bollards installed.  But remember, before you decide all this, make sure you have all the materials and equipment needed and that you’re handy enough to deal with all this.  If not, it’s always a better idea to let the professionals do their job.

Enjoy your bollards!  If you have any further questions, please reach out to Jerry at


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