Unequal Technologies Helmet Liners

Unequal Technologies Helmet Liners

Here is a really great article that I ran across today and wanted to share with you.

The article can be found here about the: Unequal Technologies Gyro Helmet Liners

If you are too lazy to click the link, here is what it says:

Gyro Helmet Liner From Unequal Technologies

​I am typically not one to promote products online, but the Unequal® Gyro Helmet Liner and the Unequal®  Solo Helmet Liner have my full attention as being spectacular.  Both of these products are made by Unequal Technologies, along with a ton of other sports related products which aid in the protection of you or your child while playing contact sports out on the field.

Being a parent is nerve wracking enough, but sending your child out onto a field with minimal protection was enough to make me almost be the parent that would not allow their child to play.   After much worry about head trauma, mainly concussions, along with other risks of injury for my child, I got on the internet and ran across Unequal Technologies and my mind was fully changed.  This company offers some great products that aid in the protection of many types of blunt force trauma injuries that could possibly occur while playing sports out on the field.

Gyro Helmet Liner Unequal Technologies

​After researching the two different types of helmet liners offered by Unequal Technologies, I decided to go with the Unequal® Gyro Helmet Liner.  It is specked out to be best suited for football, which is the sport my child was preparing to play.   The Unequal® Solo helmet liner is best suited for hockey, baseball, and Lacrosse, so I may be buying one of these liners soon as well.  So far my child is showing interest in playing most of these sports, so finding extra added protection makes me as a parent feel so much better about this journey in life.

I love the fact that these helmet liners use Kevlar®, Acceleron® and Tridur™ in the production of their product.  These liners are military and police grade products and that is pretty impressive when you think about protecting your child a little better from possible injury.  Many of their products come with endorsements from professional athletes who have used the products extensively.


The installation of the Unequal® Gyro Helmet Liner is very simple and comes with great instructions.  You can also download the PDF version of the instructions online.   The product is hand washable and is also color coded so you know which side is the top and the bottom when installing it in your helmet.  There is also some great tips for if your helmet is not fitting properly you will need to make sure you have the right size helmet for your head.  If your equipment is not fitting properly you run the risk of greater chances of injury as well.

I did notice the company has disclaimers on their site to let you know that you can still sustain an injury while using their product.  So go into this knowing you are adding an extra layer or protection around your precious commodity, and not guaranteeing that there will never be an injury.   This is just the same type of scenario as riding in a larger vehicle.  It does not mean you will never get injured during an accident, but you are better protected than if you were in a smaller less safe vehicle.   I get this and I do applaud Unequal Technologies for posting this disclaimer on their site.

So if you are looking for padding products to protect your child while they are playing contact sports, be sure to check out the fabulous products offered by Unequal Technologies.   The helmet padding is the best on the market that you will find.  Be sure to check out their other products as well.  They sell products intended to protect your body, and feet.   You can never be too cautious when planning on playing contact sports.  Make sure you are properly protected.