Benefits of Keeping Your Parking Lot in Tip-Top Shape

Benefits of Keeping Your Parking Lot in Tip-Top Shape

Making a great first impression

I work with many clients that also own small businesses, and I even have a few small businesses as clients.  We all know that when you are in business the best thing you can do is make a great first impression.   This past weekend I was talking online with my virtual buddy James from Parking Lot Striping San Antonio.   He was making some great points about how small business owners can make such an impact on their customers simply by have a fresh looking parking lot.   I had not given it much thought until James made that statement, however since that time I find myself taking note of every parking lot I pull into.

James was right.   When you drive into a parking lot that is clean, and especially one that has had a fresh coat of paint recently, you just feel a little safer and appreciated.  As a business owner, you give your patrons a sense of security and safety by having a fresh clean parking lot.  This is a perfect way to make a great first impression.


How a Fresh Striped Lot Keeps You Safe

  • Fresh striping makes it clear where you should park your vehicle to keep your vehicle safe.
  • Directional Arrows keep the flow of traffic moving in a proper direction for the lot.
  • Crosswalks keep you safe by making a path specified for pedestrians.
  • Fire lanes, are not only a city code requirement but should make you feel good as a patron that the fire department will have a place to park in the event of an emergency.
  • Handicap zones not only provide up front parking for those with a physical issue but also provide a safe zone designated for slower loading and unloading for those that are allowed to use the spaces.
  • Designated Loading Zones can be painted right on the parking lot to designate a loading area restricting people from driving into a specific area.
  • Speed Bump can also be painted to match the stripes on the parking lot, making them more visible. Not only do the speed bumps need to be visible for vehicles, but also for people that may be walking in the parking area.   You do not want people tripping over speed bumps while walking in your lot.

Pressure Washing

Not only does a nice fresh paint job make your parking lot look amazing, but also a good pressure washing can transform a dirty lot into a fresh clean lot looking brand new.  Pressure washing will remove all of the oil, dirt, grime, gum, vehicle fluids, spit, bird droppings and so much more from the parking area making it look fresh as new.    If your parking lot needs a revival you should really consider pressure washing your lot as soon as possible.

It is best to contact a professional to perform this task.  Many areas may require that you reclaim the water in order to not wash the oils and other fluids into the sewage system.  So be sure you know the requirement of the area you reside in order to not be out of compliance.

So next time you drive into a parking lot, take a look around and take note to see if you feel safe or not.  Whenever you stumble upon a freshly striped lot you will immediately think of this article and get a smile on your face.

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